• Workforce Planning with Anaplan

People are the most valuable strength of an organization. Anaplan helps to translate operational and tactical plans to the need for manpower and talent. This ensures seamless collaboration between business units and gives you the ability to realize your plans with the right skilled people at the right time.

By Willem van Os, April 2020

Workforce Planning met Anaplan

To achieve your company’s goals, you want to recruit, develop and retain the best talent for the job. It is often a challenge to keep workforce management at the desired level while working with outdated tools or planning in spreadsheets. Together with Anaplan, Finext offers suitable solutions for workforce planning, capacity planning and personal development planning. In the cases at the bottom of the page you can read how we helped the Greenery with their workforce challenges.

Connected Workforce Planning

The benefits of Connected Planning our strongly presented when filling in your workforce in Anaplan. HR, finance and business planning are linked for a reliable, flexible and efficient way of workforce management and people planning. In both the short and long term, you will gain insight into your workforce in a clear and quick manner, in order to be able to realize operational and tactical plans with the right people.

Whitepaper workforce in Anaplan