Improve Your Forecasts with Predictive Planning

Every organization has a lot of data, but doesn’t use it to its full extent in the planning process. This happens often because the data is not easily accessible, or because organizations don’t have the right resources to edit and convert the data. Because of this, forecasts are never as accurate and reliable as you would like.

By Egon Rijsewijk, May 2020



Predictive Planning in EPBC

In our webinar on May 7th, we showed how Oracle Enterprise Planning and Budgeting Cloud (EPBC) presents a solution: predictive planning. This functionality improves your ability to anticipate future situations by making the historical data available to end users. This means, that you can compare various detailed scenarios on both a financial and operational level.

What will you learn in this webinar?

– How a predictive planning solution like EPBC allows you to create more reliable forecasts based on historical data and patterns;
– How historical data patterns enrich your forecast;
– And how EPBC facilitates Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning for your forecasts.

For whom is this interesting?

For professionals interested in improving their forecasts, such as:
– Business controllers
– Finance Managers
– Financial Planners en Analysts

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