• Unboxing the New UX in Anaplan

The Anaplan Platform is mainly built for Connected Planning. Anaplan’s cloud-native solution connects people, data, and plans across multiple departments within enterprises. We believe that User Experience is crucial in creating a Connected Planning journey. Therefore, we would like to tell you about how Anaplan improved their User Experience by launching the Anaplan New UX.

By Marieke Maring, May 2020

Anaplan’s New User Experience for an End-User

New UX within mobile application

New UX for a model builder

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New UX in a nutshell:

Anaplan launched the New UX in 2019. The New UX is an extra layer of dashboarding that can be applied next to the existing functionalities of Anaplan. It is designed to make users lives easier by providing more focused and clean dashboards, smoother connections between dashboards, and easier ways to dive into details.

The New UX is available on the Anaplan platform and is constantly evolving with regularly added features. All the functionalities of the Classic UX are being replicated into the New UX, although some of them are renamed. In the table below you can find an overview of the renamed features of the Classic UX and the New UX.

Anaplan Old versus New User Experience

Next to an updated look and feel within the New UX, Anaplan added new functionalities such as Card Templates and KPI Cards.

Card templates allow an end user to reuse previously build templates on multiple pages and overviews.

Card Templates Anaplan New User Experience

Card Templates 2 Anaplan New User Experience

KPI Cards are specific card types that can be used to highlight important information on a page.

KPI Cards New User Experience Anaplan

And there are more! Curious of what they are? In three videos we will give you a preview of the possibilities of the New UX in Anaplan.

Planning, Budgeting & Forecasting Anaplan