Microsoft Power BI

Get from data to insights in minutes. With Power BI you can provide your entire team with insights using ‘self-service’ analyses with data from different business applications.

For years Power BI has been contributing to the success of Microsoft in the ‘Gartner Magic Quadrant for Analytics and Business Intelligence Platforms’. Power BI provides the user with easy access to different data sources which you can use for advanced analyses without advanced modeling.

Transform your data from the entire organization into reports with insightful visualizations. Ensure that the organization is kept up to date by sharing reports and dashboards within the Power BI Service, and with the automatic data refreshes, your reports and dashboards will always be up to date. With the Power BI mobile app you ensure high accessibility for your self-built reports, so you can view them whenever and wherever you want.

Power BI in short:

  • Great value: Users can start working with the free tool; Power BI Desktop. On an individual level, an organization can decide to expand this and buy Power BI Pro licenses.
  • Comprehensive analytical solutions: The possibilities within Power BI enable users to model, analyze and check to provide the right insights. Power BI has a strong architecture that is well integrated with both other Microsoft products as well as non-Microsoft products.
  • Central Management: Distributing reports and dashboards is done from a single central location. The users experience the advantage of a flexible platform where sharing their self-built reports and dashboards is easy.
  • Security, governance compliance: Organizations can rely on a BI platform that keeps the business’ data safe and ensures control over access and use of this particular data.


Finext and Power BI


With years of experience in dashboarding, reporting and building data models, and as a partner of Power BI, we can offer you a jumpstart to set up your own self-service BI environment. With use of these data models, we can visualize key information, so you can adjust and manage your organization based on this. We can provide you with this service by placing a project team at your organization who works along with your employees, but also by training & coaching of your employees or colleagues. Togethers we can discuss which kind of consulting applies to your organization and will ensure the best fit.

Good information enables companies to improve working together and to make decisions based on facts. With Power BI as a user-friendly tool, the first results are within reach.

Microsoft Power BI

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