Leadership in Self Organisation & Change

Organizations are evolving faster than ever. As one of the leading ‘Semler-organizations’ in the Netherlands we offer support, based on our own experiences, in the transformation to self-organization and self-governing, and in buy-outs by professionals.

The client demand evolves at an accelerating pace, which calls for more flexible organizational structures. What kind of leadership does this entail? How do you organize your organization as a network? Our approach enables your organization to become better, sharper and smarter.

The goal of our change managers is to place the ownership and the entrepreneurship where it belongs, i.e. the professional. To achieve this, their intervention aims at creating leadership and to make optimal use of talents. Our change managers operate according to three organizational principles: from control to trust, from complex to simple and from assisting to contributing.

The Finext change managers have, among others, extensive experience in the semi-public and healthcare sector and business services. In addition, they regularly serve as speakers at conferences and for boards of directors, management teams and employee meetings of different organizations.

In 2013, Finext was voted smartest company in the Netherlands by MKB Krachtcentrale and has given its name to the Finext New Organizing Award, awarded by nieuworganiseren.nu.

Leadership in Self Organisation & Change

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