Financial Shared Services & Accounting

Financial Shared Service Centers standardize processes in order to optimize your accounting activities. This helps your employees to focus on the client.

The clustering of financial processes is called Financial Shared Service Centers (FSSC). The right way to do this is by clustering the basic accounting procedures and the analytical processes of controlling in a single FSSC.

We provide a continuously improving FSSC by investing in state-of-the-art analysis and reporting tools. In doing so, we look into the proper balance between centralization and decentralization. In addition, processes are standardized and activities are periodically monitored. This provides employees with the means to provide the added value the business needs.

Finext has a broad experience in the preparation and supervision of FSSCs. We also provide solutions for process improvement in all phases of FSSCs that are up and running. We have worked on the centralization of the accounting department of Markeur and prepared the financial administration of ISS for the transfer to the Shared Service Center of the Erasmus University Rotterdam.

Financial Shared Services & Accounting

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